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Scharf-SALE January/February 2018

From Jannuary 8th till February 15th we have a big sale going on in our new show room across the street from the main store!

Many items from brands like Böker, Benchmade, CRKT, Kershaw, Cold Steel, Citadel and more are available at closeout prices up to minus 60% off!! So buy now – or cry later 😉

Since there are no regular opening hours at the new gallary room, please see us at the main store across the street…


Gallary Scharf-Sinn: Grand Opening

photography: Lukas Ilgner

The first exhibition in our gallary “Scharf-Sinn” shows handcrafted pieces from the following knife makers:

Robert Kaufmann (Deutschland, www.cuttingart.net )
Gunther Löbach (Deutschland, www.scorpiodesign.de )
Michael Blank (Österreich, www.michaelblank.at )

The show can be seen till the end of the year 2017 – sold items will be replaced by pieces from the collection of Andreas Lorenzi.



We would like to thank all of you who came and joined or opening party – your support and positive feedback energize us for further events.
We are proud and happy to have spent this wonderful evening together with all of you and we are looking forward to many more!

2017-1: Our first Exhibition

The Concept: to see | to experience | to grasp

As of October 2017 our newest project goes live! That is a room for shows, events and workshops located at Siebensterngasse 56. 1070 Vienna – straight across the street of our main store at number 41.

The Gallary “Scharf-Sinn” is aimed at organizing changing exhibitions together with local and international knife makers and artists in order to present their work to the general public as well as functioning as a meeting point for makers and enthusiasts.

Moreover, the gallary’s premises will be used to also host specialized commercial presentations being either centered around a specific group of products or a supplying company.

Last but not least the location will be used for different kinds of workshops (i.e. our sharpening classes) and provide them a permanent home.